Tissue Party Pack, 2ply|WBM Care

Tissue Party Pack, 2ply|WBM Care

Bamboo Facial Tissue, 3ply |WBM Care

Bamboo Facial Tissue, 3ply |WBM Care

Bamboo Paper Roll Tissue |WBM Care

  • WBM toilet tissues are soft and gentle to use.
  • Super Absorbent.
  • Made of 100% wood pulp, free from artificial color.
  • Best for kitchen, bath use.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • A product of USA
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Bamboo Paper Roll:

3ply bathroom tissue designed for softness and strengtMade with 100% Bamboo pulp, no added dyes, inks, or fragrancesWBM Care Toilet papers are Compatible with low flow toilets in RVS and campersEco-Friendly Strong & Flexible No bleach and other Harmful chemicals Shipment includes 10 Rolls/Pack, 240 sheets per roll.Natural Bamboo Pulp Suitable for Contact with food Skin-friendly texture.


  • Tissue paper products are highly engineered to provide strength, ultra-light weight, softness and absorbency, all at the same time.

  • They contribute to improved hygiene, comfort and convenience in our society.


  • Super Absorbent

  • Strong Fiber.

  • High Temprature Sterlization.

  • Safe on food & dish.

  • Durable Multiple Layer Thickness.

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