Daily Facial Tissues, 2ply|WBM Care

Daily Facial Tissues, 2ply|WBM Care

Bamboo Paper Roll Tissue |WBM Care

Bamboo Paper Roll Tissue |WBM Care

Tissue Party Pack, 2ply|WBM Care

  • WBM tissues are soft and gentle to use.
  • Party pack tissues contain 40 sheets and 2 ply.
  • Made of 100% wood pulp & free from artificial color.
  • Great for everyday hygiene.
  • Super Absorbent.
  • A product of USA
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Wbm Party Tissues:

Made with fine quality wooden pulp, these tissue packs are great for parties and events. These are very soft and super absorbent. These tissues work wonderfully well to wipe off the dirt from your face and hands.These party paper are the perfect acscssory for any special event.each package includes a bulk set of 40 sheets of soft and highly absorbent napkins.

Key Features:

  • It has durable multiple-layer thickness sheets.
  • Each pack includes a bulk set of 40 sheets of 2ply soft and smooth napkins.
  • It looks moisture and easily carries it out


  • Tissue paper products are highly engineered to provide strength, ultra-light weight, softness and absorbency, all at the same time.

  • They contribute to improved hygiene, comfort and convenience in our society.


  • Super Absorbent
  • Strong Fiber.
  • High Temprature Sterlization.
  • Safe on food & dish.
  • Durable Multiple Layer Thickness.
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