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Aim Natural Mint Whitening Mouthwash

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Aim Natural Mint Whitening Mouthwash With Baking Soda, Cavity protection Whitening Strengthens tooth enamel.

  1. alcohol free,sugar free, with xylitol
  2. whitening mouthwash,extremely refreshing flavor.



  • Product description


    Keeping your teeth nice and white doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure. You can make remarkable progress in your teeth whitening efforts by simply using a good whitening mouthwash.


    Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Polysorbate 20, Sodium Acrylates/Methacryloylethyl Phosphate Copolymer, Phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid, Flavor, PVM/MA Copolymer, Sodium Saccharin.


    Keep out of reach of children younger than 12 years old. Some people may experience tooth sensitivity or gum discomfort when using whitening products.If more than used for rinsing is accidentally swallowed, get medical attention or contact the Poison Control Center right away. If irritation develops, stop use and consult a dentist. This discomfort is temporary and not harmful. If you experience more than mild tooth sensitivity, stop use and consult your dentist.


    Adults And children twelve years And older: Rinse for 60 seconds morning And night





  • Disclaimer for Oral Care Products:

    WBM Mart makes every attempt to identify your Oral and Dental Care Product need and Dental Care s and best experienced products around the globe. However, sensitivity is a major issue while using these products. WBM Mart here openly declares that WBM Mart, honour, employees and developers are not responsible for such type of sensitivity which may create worst oral conditions.
    By purchasing or using {Aim Natural Mint Whitening Mouthwash} you understand and acknowledge that:
    • You have consulted with your dentist/physician about using Aim Natural Mint Whitening Mouthwash and are choosing to purchase or use Aim Natural Mint Whitening Mouthwash at your own risk and in accordance with your local laws.
    • You will not use the Aim Natural Mint Whitening Mouthwash if you are pregnant or nursing until you have consulted with your dentist or doctor. You will take the impressions yourself. • You do not have loose or decayed teeth. You do not have loose crowns or periodontal problems (gum disease).
    • The Aim Natural Mint Whitening Mouthwash is not a substitute for regular dental care.
    • Employees, staff, and/or dealers of WBM Mart are not dentists.
    • You are not allergic to carbamide peroxide, glycerin, carbon flavour, hydrogen peroxide, ammonium, hydroxide, or silicone or any sort of chemical.
    • By purchasing product from WBM Mart, you agree to all warranties, returns, and credits are at the sole determination of WBM Mart and that total liability is limited to the amount paid for the product. You have read and understood this agreement in full prior to making purchases and agree that you are fully informed.
    • Keep out of reach of young children. All Oral Care Products are not intended for use in children under the age of 12. Do not swallow impression material, or swallow any volume of Oral Care Products beyond the amount consumed during general use (see instructions)
    • Avoid eye contact. Rinse eyes thoroughly with water if Aim Natural Mint Whitening Mouthwash comes in contact with them.
    • Product that comes into contact with the skin may cause temporary skin irritation, redishness or whitening. Wash hands with soap and water after using this Aim Natural Mint Whitening Mouthwash.
    • If large volume of oral care product is consumed, contact poison control immediately.
    • Avoid contact of Aim Natural Mint Whitening Mouthwash with cloth, leather or fabric.

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