WBM Care Liquid Shoe Polish Neutral-75ml

WBM Care Liquid Shoe Polish Neutral-75ml

WBM Care Shoe Polish Brown-50ml

WBM Care Shoe Polish Brown-50ml

WBM Care Liquid Shoes Polish Black -75ml

  • Our WBM care shoe black polish provide instant shine with solvent-free formula.
  •  Natural bee wax that Cleans, Preserves and Restores Color to Faded Footwear.
  • It is Eco-free and provides long-lasting shine and water resistance.
  • Superior stain, scuff coverage and provide protection.
  • Easy to apply– imported from Turkey
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WBM shoe Polish Black to cover scuff marks or when bringing old and well-worn shoes back to life. Our polishes will give a truly lustrous appearance. Wbm Black Shoe polish liquid allows your shoes to get a very shiny looking. At the same time, it provides the care and protection of your shoes, Nourishes and protects your leather shoes with this Money worth & Best shoe cream. It contains the right amount of stain with a blend of high quality, all-natural waxes. Achieve a long-lasting, high gloss finish by applying this shoe cream to your leather shoes and boots.

W Shoe care offers the liquid shoe polish best for all types of Brown shoes for shining purposes. WBM shining liquid shoe polish is dye-free neat that is easy to use. Brown Shoe Shine Sponge gives shine without the hassle of brush, cloth, or shoe polish. It is handy you can keep it in your luggage while traveling. Perfect for on the go and easy shines. WBM Shining sponge retrains the soft texture of shoes and making them go a long way. It is only used on leather shoes but not suitable for use on suede, nubuck, or fabric.

Key Feature:

  • Liquid shoe polish is Water resistant,
  • Leather nourishing liquid shoe polish with a touch of beeswax.

How to use:

Shake before use. Press the sponge to the leather surface and apply the polish


Natural Wax, Emulator, Polymer, Resin, Anti-Foam, Water.

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