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• W Home Aphid Glue Traps attracts the aphids to their yellow color and kills them
• Ideal to be used in greenhouse against Greenfly, Blackfly, Whitefly, Thrips and Midges
• Aphid Glue Traps have strong adhesive power that provides superior grip
• The trap is non-toxic and includes no fragrance
• The packaging includes 5 glue traps, each trap lasts for 6-8 weeks
• Quality is our passion; thus, a 100% money-back guarantee for all customers
• A product of the USA

W Home Aphid Glue Traps attract and trap the greenhouse aphids including greenflies, blackflies, whitefly, thrips, and midges and ultimately kills them. The Aureola-Yellow color of the glue traps reflects the visible light at a wavelength that insects cannot resist coming towards. These glue traps have no toxic chemicals but strong adhesive power. It works effectively for 6-8 weeks and after that, starts to deteriorate at temperatures below 25°C. 
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