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  • ALL-NATURAL: Himalayan Chef Black Channa is sourced from the natural environment. It is grown without the use of fertilizers.
  • PROTEIN SOURCE: Protein is found in Black Chana. It is the perfect option for people who don't eat meat. Vegetarians can use Kala Chana in different dishes.
  • NO ALLERGIC PROTEIN: People with celiac illness may find Black Kabuli Chana to be an excellent source of snacking because they are gluten-free.
  • LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: Black Kabuli Channa (Black Channa) has a low glycemic index. As a result, it is appropriate for diabetic people since it prevents a blood sugar surge.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Himalayan Chef aims to offer a product of the highest quality and high nutrient density. Additionally, we offer a simple money-back guarantee.

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Culinary Use



Black Channa is used to making different healthy salads.



Black Channa (black Kabuli Channa) is used to make curries.



Black Chana Roasted is used as a healthy snack.

Powerhouse of Phytochemicals

Powerhouse of Phytochemicals

Numerous phytochemicals, such as iron, chloride, phosphate, flavonoids, proteins, and carbohydrates, are found in black Chana. These Phytochemicals act as antioxidants and guard against many diseases. Menopausal women who regularly consume black chickpeas (black Kabuli Channa) have stronger bones and experience fewer hot flashes.

International Quality Certifications

Antioxidants included in golden raisins help prevent oxidative stress. Iron and fibre levels in the product are high. You may strengthen your immune system by eating top-class dry fruit. Himalayan Chef Best Kishmish high fiber content could improve your digestive health. These are devoid of cholesterol and fat. Therefore, they can aid in lowering the risk of many ailments.


Wholesale Premium Quality White Chana

On our shopping websites in Pakistan and other countries, Black Channa is offered at Mandi prices. We offer the highest-quality Kala Channa (black Kabuli Chana) at the most competitive prices. We never skimp on quality. The best growing areas are used to produce our Black Channa. Pesticides and fertilizers are not used in their cultivation.

Bulk Buy

Himalayan Chef Black Channa is available in the bulk pack along with small craft and jar packaging. We are selling our products at a wholesale rate for bulk buy. One can buy all available packaging sizes in bulk. We have special offers for bulk buying that are mentioned with our product.

Bulk buy

Low Glycemic Index

Black chickpeas include soluble fiber that regulates blood sugar release. Additionally, Black Chana has a low glycemic index, meaning that the carbohydrates they contain are absorbed and broken down gradually. It promotes weight loss by regulating appetite. Low GI results in a modest and gradual rise in blood sugar, which lowers blood sugar levels.


Himalayan Chef Black Channa (black Kabuli Chana) is of the best quality and taste, being completely natural. It offers maximum freshness, distinctive flavor, and great palatability in every meal because it is free of hazardous chemicals and preservatives. Black Channa is packed with low-glycemic carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. We provide packaging for our products that is environmentally friendly and maintains product quality. We promise excellent service and total client satisfaction. Buy Black Chana online by Himalayan Chef with 100% money back guarantee. Himalayan black Kabuli Chana in 2lb bag is 100% free from all kinds of contaminants, preservatives, and colorants


Ans. Yes. It would be very beneficial to your health. It gives your body the protein it needs and helps your blood sugar stay balanced naturally.

Ans. Yes, Black Kabuli Channa (Kala Channa) is free from gluten naturally.

Ans. Yes, our black Chana is 100% natural.

Ans. Black Chana (Black Kabuli Chana) is used in curries, Chana chat, baking, salads, etc.

Ans. Yes, we provide the highest quality service to our valued clients. One method of payment is cash on delivery. Customers can therefore pay their invoices after they have received their items.

Ans. Himalayan Chef is a well-known brand on a global scale. Producing top-notch products for our clients is what we aim to do. For the past five years, we have been offering excellence with utmost integrity and commitment. Our most precious asset is the confidence our customers have in us.

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