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• W Home Cockroach Bait Box attracts cockroaches to eat the bait that kills them and ultimately their whole nest
• The Bait Box is scent-free and does not cause any irritation when you deal with it
• Contains cockroaches sex pheromones that they find irresistible
• Can Kill non-stop for approximately 30 days
• Quality is our passion; thus, a 100% money-back guarantee for all the customers
• A product of the USA

W Home Cockroach Bait Box includes cockroach’s sex pheromones that attract and catch them and performs chain killing of the whole nest. If one cockroach eats the bait, it takes some of it back to the nest and shares there with other roaches. This sharing of bait allows the killing of the whole nest within a short period. Also, it acts as an evident detector of the location and vastness of cockroach populations.
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