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  • Grow Naturally: The Himalayan Chef Daal Chana is entirely pure. Each bite of your meal leaves you with the impression that the nutrients are pure.
  • Alimentary Nutrients: Dal Chana includes minerals, fibers, and a high source of B vitamins which help to meet needed nutritional value. A lot of proteins aid in muscle growth.
  • Weight Management: Daal Chana is a rich source of fiber, so it may help in weight loss.
  • Good Appearance: When fully cooked, this Dal Chana has a high quality that gives it an inspirational appearance.
  • Product Packaging: Dal Chana is packaged safely. The customer appreciates this recyclable packaging. It secures the product against environmental deterioration and contaminants. It also protects the food’s purity and flavor. Furthermore, this packaging ensures the product's nutritional contents are safe.

Product Detail

Daal Channa

Enhance Metabolism

Dal Chana from Himalayan Chef at wholesale price is created with natural sources free from preservatives. These nutrients assist the body in absorbing minerals and vitamins. High fiber content is advantageous to your health. It helps with food digestion and boosts metabolism.


Wholesale Cost

You can purchase pure and natural Daal Chana at discounted rates from our online shops whenever you want it. Himalayan Chef provides Daal Chana at discount rates because we never compromise on our customer’s satisfaction. Daal Chana at Mandi rates is available for a very low price.

Good for Skin

B vitamins are found in Daal Chana so they may help in improving skin. It maintains hydration, provides a soothing effect, and moisturizes the skin. It may also help in eczema (skin problem having itching and redness).

Good for Skin

Acquire Bulk

Find a variety of Goods to buy in large quantities right now and save money! Purchase our Wholesale Daal Chana in Bulk to take advantage of fantastic pricing. We provide bulk packing choices for our Daal. If you purchase more things, your cost is lower! You can get dal chana 2lbs in 365 rupees whereas 40lbs in 5449 rupees.

Money Back

Food Certifications

All of our products are carefully wrapped to meet the highest levels of hygiene requirements and international quality standards. As we never compromise on the quality of health of our cherished customers, our Himalayan Chef Goods are Halal, Non- GMO projects, Kosher, and Vegan certified. In addition, we provide a cash-back guarantee.


With no blending of any dirt, stones, chemicals, or colors, Himalayan Chef Daal Chana is naturally pure, whole grain, and has a delicious fresh flavor. It is one of the top crop products and is grown naturally in Punjab’s rich region. It is a valuable source of complex B - complex vitamins and protein. Our Dal Chana is clean, prepared for use, and packaged in eco-friendly zip-lock containers to help guard against pest infestation and moisture levels. Buy Himalayan Chef's Daal Chana online at wholesale price with a 100% money-back guarantee. Chana Dal in a 2Lbs bag is 100% free from all kinds of contaminants, preservatives, and colorants.


Ans. Daal Chana is high in B vitamins which give your skin a healthy glow.

Ans. You can receive your order in three to five days.

Ans. You can buy our Dal Chana at wholesale prices.

Ans. Dal channa’s whole sale price is 5449 rupees for 40lbs.

Ans. Yes, high content of fiber and protein helps in weight loss.

Ans. Yes, all of our goods are natural and NON-GMO project certified.

Ans. Yes, all of our goods are natural and NON-GMO project certified.

Ans. Yes, all of our goods are natural and NON-GMO project certified.

Ans. Yes, all of our goods are natural and NON-GMO project certified.

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