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  • Purity Guaranteed: There is no risk of contamination in Himalayan Chef Daal Moong Washed. In addition, there are no colors or additives used to improve the texture or give it a pleasing appearance. It is all pure and natural dal.
  • Palatable Taste: Moong Daal has a smooth texture especially in comparison to other daals. It has a mildly delicious taste and can be used to boost the aroma and appearance of various meal options.
  • Buy In Bulk: You can also buy this Natural and pure Dal Moong in bulk at the best price from our online store.
  • Nutrition Facts Powerhouse: Moong Daal is a nutritional powerhouse in and of itself. It is because it contains many important nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Ethically Sourced: Dal Moong is made entirely from yellow Moong beans. These beans are grown in Punjab's farming land. Furthermore, these beans have not been genetically altered.

Product Detail

Daal Moon

Best Mandi Price

Most of the consumers want to buy only those food items that have maximum health advantages at affordable prices. That is why Himalayan Chef introduces some of the most common food-consuming items at Best Mendi Price. This Himalayan Chef Daal Moong holds many features like purity, freshness, free from additives, and consumers friendly price.

Culinary Use


Sweet Dishes

Himalayan Chef Daal Moong (Dhuli dal Moong) is the essential part of Moong Daal Halwa.



You can also use this daal to make Daal Soup.



Widely use Dhuli Daal Moong in khichdi.


Best Packaging

Himalayan Chef Dhuli dal mong is loaded in a ziplock Packaging. We can recycle these containers once they are blank. To keep your daal fresh, you do not have any other sealed jar. Furthermore, the Craft packaging prevents contaminants from meals.


The Certification bodies held by the manufacturing industry determine food safety and quality. Himalayan Chef is a brand with multiple global food certifications. Himalayan Chef's top credentials include Vega, Kosher, Halal, and Non-GMO.

ready to cook

Ready to Cook

This Daal Moong is already cleaned carefully. There are no stones in it. Hence, you can cook readily without wasting time cleaning pulses. In addition, it is also a great choice to cook when you are in a hurry.


Health Advantages

Himalayan Chef Daal Moong holds a variety of soluble fibers. This dietary fiber could improve your gut health while also relieving constipation. It can aid in weight loss due to its high fiber loading. Furthermore, it contains large amounts of protein, which is essential for a variety of activities in our bodies. Daal Moong can avoid a variety of health problems.


A 100 g serving of Himalayan Chef Moong Daal (Washed) includes 24 g of protein as well as vitamins A, B, and C that is necessary for better bodily structure and function. This product is bright yellow and has a memorable flavor. Daal Moong (Dhuli Daal Moong) is outstanding for weight loss due to its high fiber. Himalayan Chef Daal Moong's soft texture and fresh fragrance complement every meal. Our milling process sustains the freshness of the food following Top Class Food Safety Laws. Buy Daal mong online by Himalayan Chef with a 100% money-back guarantee. Dhuli Moong dal in a 2Lbs bag is 100% free from all kinds of contaminants, preservatives, and colorants.


Ans. Moong Dal is a high-protein dish made from split mung beans or yellow Moong lentils.

Ans. It contains many vitamins A, B, C, and E. Iron, potassium, and calcium are found naturally.

Ans. Daal Moong is an excellent source of protein substitute for people who cannot eat animal products.

Ans. Daal Moong from Himalayan Chef can be used to make daal, soup, khichdi, and even daal Tikki.

Ans. Himalayan Chef is a globally recognized brand. Our objective is to produce high-quality products for our customers. We have been providing excellence to our customers with complete honesty and commitment. Our most valuable asset is our customers' trust in us. Our Online Supermarket is now operational. Your goods will be delivered within two to three business days

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