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  • PURE & NATURAL: All-natural and pure White Chana are available at Himalayan Chef. White Channa is produced without preservatives or artificial additions on a fertile piece of land.
  • PLANT PROTEIN: White Chana (Small Kabuli Channa) is a good source of protein. It is an ideal choice for those who do not consume meat. It is free from gluten which is a natural plant protein.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Maintaining a healthy weight, building muscle, and enhancing digestion are all possible benefits of White Chana (Chhota white Channa). Additionally, it can aid in blood sugar regulation.
  • LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: The glycemic index of Himalayan Chef White Chana is low. Therefore, it is suitable for those with diabetes since they do not cause a blood sugar spike.
  • CONSUMER SATISFACTION: Quality is what makes us strong. Customers are eligible for a full refund if they are dissatisfied with our services. International certification has been awarded to our product.

Product Detail

white chana

Help in Weight Loss

White Chana (Small Kabuli Chana) has fiber and protein. Dietary fibers function as fillers in the digestive tract. Protein increases the feeling of fullness after eating in a similar way to bulking agents. By continuing to feel full after eating, a person can reduce their caloric intake and suppress their hunger. Chickpeas (white channa) have soluble and insoluble fiber that can delay the emptying of the stomach and slow the transit of digested food through the small intestine. As a result, people could experience longer-lasting fullness.

Culinary Use



White Chana is used to make curries.



White Channa is used to make different healthy salads.

chana chat

Chana Chat

White Chana (Small Kabuli Channa) is used to make Chana chat. It is used in other snack dishes.


Plant Protein

One of the best plant-based protein sources is chickpeas. Chickpeas (Chhota white Channa) have roughly 15g of protein per cup. This protein is crucial for practically all bodily processes, from enhancing the condition of your tissues, muscles, and key organs to decreasing the aging process. Additionally, protein contributes to the production of vital antibodies, hemoglobin, and controls blood sugar levels. Injuries and wounds can also heal with its aid.

International Quality Certifications

As a result of our commitment to quality, Himalayan Chef Small Kabuli Chana (White Channa) has received International Certification. Our product has Vegan and Kosher Certifications. Furthermore, it has the Responsibly-Sourced certification, which guarantees that we are buying our product from reputable suppliers. Our White Chana has received Non-GMO and Halal certifications.

Mandi Price

Natural White Chana at Mandi Price

Himalayan Chef White Chana is available at Mandi price on our online stores in Pakistan and other countries. We provide the best quality product at the best price. We do not compromise on quality. Our White Chana (small Kabuli Channa) is sourced from the best production regions. It is grown without fertilizers and pesticides.

Bulk Buy

Himalayan Chef White Chana is available in the bulk pack along with small craft and jar packaging. We are selling our products at a wholesale rate for bulk buy. One can buy all available packaging sizes in bulk. We have special offers for bulk buying that are mentioned with our product.

bulk buy


Himalayan Chef White Chana is 100% natural with the highest quality and taste. It provides maximum freshness, distinctive flavor, and exceptional palatability in every meal. Low-glycemic carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants abound in White Chana. We are offering our product in environmentally sustainable packaging that preserves product quality. We guarantee top-notch service and complete customer satisfaction. Buy online small white Chana by Himalayan Chef with a 100% money-back guarantee. Himalayan small Kabuli Chana is 100% free from all kinds of contaminants, preservatives, and colorants.


Ans. Yes. For your health, it would be quite advantageous. It provides the protein your body needs and naturally regulates your blood sugar.

Ans. Yes, White Chana (Small Kabuli Chana) is free from gluten naturally.

Ans. Yes, our white Chana is 100% natural.

Ans. White Chana is used in curries, Allu Chana, Chana chat, salads, etc.

Ans. Yes, we give our esteemed customers the best service possible. Cash on delivery is a payment option. Therefore, after getting their purchases, customers can pay their invoices.

Ans. On a global level, Himalayan Chef is a well-known brand. Making premium products for our customers is our aim. We have been providing excellence with complete honesty and dedication for the last half-decade. The trust our consumers have in us is our most valuable asset.

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